Will Molson Coors Buyout Of Star Be Eh-OK With Europeans?

Pass That Bottle Of Beer – From Canada To Amsterdam and Prague

Wonder if there will be a Molson Indy with Team Red in Amsterdam or Prague. Photo: PubClub.com

The moose is loose!

And it’s headed to Europe.

The news that MolsonCoors has purchased StarBev, a European beer company, makes one wonder if this well be Eh? Ok, with European beer drinkers.

After all, Amstel and Heineken are the dominant brews in StarBev’s home country of Holland, and pilsner is king in its other European location, Prague.

Frankly, I’ve never seen the brands from StarBev such as Borsodi, Kamenitza or Bergenbier. If so, I probably would have been tempted to try one just on the nane alone.

What’s really interesting is that StarBev is the same company that Anheuser-Busch parent InBev sold less than three years ago.  Pass the bottle, right!?

This deal will have no effect on the North American market, at least for the foreseeable future. Molson Coors simply wants to expand its reach into Central and Eastern Europe. So if you want to try a cold Kamenitza, you’ll have to go there to do it.