From Fiesta Hermosa One Weekend To Temecula Wine The Next

A Beer Garden, Then A Festival

Fiesta Hermosa beer garden Hermosa Beach, CA

The party blogger enjoys a beer (and a babe) in the Fiesta Hermosa beer garden.


It was fun that’s for sure!

Three days in a beer garden at Fiesta Hermosa in Hermosa Beach, CA. That’s pretty much how I spent my Memorial Day Weekend.

But why stop there, right? The next event on this PubClub blogger’s calendar is the Temecula Balloon & Wine Festival in Southern California’s wine country.

The former was by the beach, the latter by a lake. In fact, we’re pitching a tent and camping out in Temecula. That way, we can walk to the festival and, more importantly, walk back from it.

The Temecula festival is out in a big field, around which are booth with wines from the area, as well as beers and food. There’s a small stage with a band and behind it, a big beer station and a much bigger stage with bigger bands.

Tthe Saturday headliner is Daughtry. Okay, I’m not familiar with the band but they have sold 18 million albums so I’m assuming they are pretty good!

At a festival such as this, the music is really just a bonus anyway. The whole thing is about the wine, the beer, the experience and most importantly, about the other single people!

So here I go again, ready for another fun party weekend in Southern California!

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Indy 500 On The World Party Bucket List Items

The Snake Pit The Place To Party

This is one of the things and places I want to do at some point in my life.

Go to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indy 500.

And not just the Indy 500 but the Indy 500 infield.

It’s called the Snake Pit and it’s a party. So much of a party that I doubt anyone knows what is happening on the track. Or, really cares. THAT is when you have yourself an event.

There’s a concert. A water slide. Beer bongs. And lots of single people!

Okay, I admit most of my Bucket List items involve single people partying somewhere in the world. Another infield, by the way, that’s on my list is the Kentucky Derby.

See what the Snake Pit looks like by clicking here.

With Thunderstorms Perhaps Missing Jazzfest 2015 Isn’t So Bad

Jimmy Buffett And New Orleans Are Always Tempting

New Orleans Jazzfest

It’s always a fun time at Jazzfest in New Orleans for the Bar Blogger.


It is always tempting, like having that last beer and last call, but sometimes you just can’t do it.

And that’s the way it’s been for me lately when it comes to Jazzfest in New Orleans. I’ve been a few times, had a blast each time and look forward to going to it several more times. Just not this year.

When I saw the 2015 lineup – The Who, Elton John and my personal favorite, Jimmy Buffett all on the first weekend – I really, really wanted to go to Jazzfest. But I knew I couldn’t for a few reasons.

But maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all.

The first day of Jazzfest was shut down because of severe weather. The grounds were flooded because of a thunderstorm and there was even lightening. It’s not exactly the kind of conditions where you want to be outside nowhere near any shelter. Not even drinking beer, an activity I thoroughly enjoy, is a lot of fun in a downpour.

Not only that, but imagine trying to eat your gumbo or etouffee when it’s being seasoned with rainfall.

Were I there, I wold probably pass on Saturday and throw myself – rain, pour or shine – into Sunday. That’s when Buffett plays.

Of course, the rest of New Orleans is always fun regardless of the conditions. And a friend who is there reports “it’s not that bad,” and followed with a “wish you were here.”

Now that I think about it, wish I were there, too.

Jimmy Buffett Hollywood Bowl Only Of Mild Interest To This Parrothead

No Pre-Party Tailgating Just Part Of The Problem

Jimmy Buffett concert Parrothead blogger

After a full day of tailgating, Buffett concerts make me very happy.

When Jimmy Buffett announced he and the Coral Reefer Band would be playing the Hollywood Bowl as part of his 2015 tour, friends of mine automatically assumed I would be warming up my fingers to try and be the first to get on Ticketmaster the second tickets go on sale.

But not really.

Sure, Buffett hasn’t been here to Los Angeles in several years (2009 if memory serves me correctly; geez has it been THAT long!?). And he’s playing an iconic venue.

But something about the Hollywood Bowl doesn’t mix well with Buffett. For starters, there’s nowhere for Parrotheads to party before the show.

Then there’s the matter of, if you happen to score seats down low (and we did the last time Buffett played the Bowl in the mid-90s) that the season ticket holders get angry at you because of course we are standing up singing and dancing the whole time. They are there with their wine and cheese expecting a clam evening. And as we know, Buffett shows are anything but calm!

Now I’m getting rumors about a possible Irvine Meadows show and THAT would be a no-brainer!

Phins Up!!!


LAVO Las Vegas Offering Super Bowl-Like Viewing For NFL Playoff Games

The $150 Price Is Definitely For High Rollers (Unlike Myself)

LAVO Las Vegas

LAVO is having a conference championship party – for a price.


The flyer immediately caught my attention – open bar!

Then I looked at it more closely. Yes, an open bar. For $150.

This is not for New Year’s Eve or the Super Bowl. It’s what LAVO Las Vegas, a restaurant/bar in the Venetian, is offering for the NFL Playoff games. Suddenly, my inner Jim Mora came out, “Playoffs? We’re talking PLAYOFFS!?

And not just that, but per game. Yes, for the NFL conference championships, Green Bay at Seattle and Indianapolis at New England, there is a $150 viewing party.

In addition to the bar tab you get a “gourmet” Italian buffet. I do bet it’s pretty good. But $150!? It’s definitely a price for high rollers. Which does not include myself.

If you do a quick calculation in your head, you figure you’re there for three hours and if you were in a “regular” bar you might have seven to eight drinks, depending on what you are drinking where you are drinking it, that’s probably in the $50-70 range in Vegas.

It’s unlikely you would be sitting down for a gourmet meal so let’s say you just have a burger or a sandwich, and in Vegas that could be about $15. So $150 is nearly double what you might spend elsewhere.

Then again, it’s a refined environment and for some that’s worth the price.

If you want to reserve a table, send an e-mail to: