Silvio’s is The Chicago Sports Bar Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles

When the Bears and Blackhawks Play, This Restaurant/Bar on the Hermosa Pier Goes Absolutely WACCO

Chicago Bears fans cheer a score at Silvio's in Hermosa Beach.

There are so many transplanted Midwesterners in Los Angeles – many of whom live in the South Bay Beach Cities – that one of them started a group so he and like-minded sports fans could cheer on their beloved teams together.

That group is called WACCO, the West Coast Association of Crazy Chicagoians and Others (being friendly folks, they welcome anyone who wants to join them and root for Chicago teams; the Bar Blogger is a proud “Other”).

And you can find them gathered every Sunday during football season to watch the Bears, and even for occasional Blackhawks and Cubbies games, at Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ on the Hermosa Beach Pier.

Decked out in their Bears jerseys, Chicago transplants watch games in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Bears fans in Los Angeles come together Sundays at Silvo's in Hermosa Beach.


They proudly wear their Bears jerseys, many dating back to the Mike Ditka era and Super Bowl team. They speak in that distinctive “See-CAG-oh” accent and always have a beer in their hands (Silvo’s sometimes puts on incredible beer specials, such as a 16-ounce can of Budweiser for $3 during a preseason game).

The WAACOs also gather for events such as the Blackhawks Stanley Cup championship.

It was a party at Silvo's for LA-area Chicago fans when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.


Most reserve the few tables in advance – Silvo’s is the smallest of the popular restaurant/bars on the Pier – so it often requires squeezing in for a spot to stand. Which is not a problem because Chicago fans are quite accommodating – as long as you root for the home team! If the Bears make the playoffs again, then it’s advisable to arrive an hour before kickoff.

But this is not like the Shack in Santa Monica on a weekly basis, where Philadelphia Eagles fans have to arrive by 7 in the morning just to get in the place. (As a spillover, there’s Waterman’s next door and also Sharkeez, the sports/entertainment bar for all teams).

Silvio’s is located at 20 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA.


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