Trump National Wine & Beer Festival Photos Event Review 2011

Third Annual Event Brings In Capacity Crowd of 2,000 From South Bay Beach Cities and Beyond to Palos Verdes

This group of fun gals shows the spirit of the Trump National Wine & Beer Festival.



Glad I went and when’s the next one!?

In just three years, the Trump National Beer & Wine Festival has become one of the hottest social events in the social-heavy South Bay, a must-do happening that in 2011 even drew people off the beach from the beloved Manhattan Beach Open volleyball tournament. It was held on a sunny Sunday, Aug. 28.

“How can you not like this event!?,” asked one attendee to no one in particular as he sipped on a sample of Hoegaarden while standing among a few dozen people in the beer area. He was one of 2,000 people at the third-annual event, something that has become so popular so fast that officials were forced to turn away people who arrived after about 1:30 – it ran from noon-5 p.m. – because it reached the capacity that the city of Palos Verdes allowed for the festival.

Part of the 2,000 people at the third annual Trump National Beer & Wine Festival.

Some of the great-looking girls at the 2011 Trump National Wine & Beer Festival.


It’s certainly not difficult to understand the attraction. The location is on a public area between holes of the Trump National Golf Course. It’s high on a cliff – the beer area pushes right out to the edge of a walking trail – with the Pacific Ocean providing a perfect backdrop.

For $45, people get a big wine glass with the Trump logo and are free to fill it as often as they like in the five-hour period. Wineries from throughout California are pouring from a half-dozen tents near the entrance and unique (such as a raspberry Shock Top) and high-end beers are flowing from a second spot. (Food is extra.)

The distinctive Shock Top beer VW bug was a popular photo spot for patrons.

It's hard to trump the great-looking crowd at the Trump Wine & Beer event.


In 2011, there was a free raffle – one ticket was included with the admission price – and the golf pro was giving short iron lessons.

Naturally, it’s brilliantly sunny because this is Southern California.

All this helps to bring in people from not only neighboring Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, but also from Long Beach, San Pedro and Torrance.

Yet its biggest draw for the several singles of the South Bay is the sensational socializing the event provides. The wine, beer and setting set the stage and the people responded, girls presenting themselves in beautiful sun dresses, sometimes enhanced by hats they probably wore to Del Mar on Opening Day and men sporting shots, sandals and their best Charlie Sheen shirts.

It can safely be said that not all the swings at Trump National that day were taking place on the golf course. Not by a long shot! And with so many single people around, the pin placement, so to speak, made for easy approach shots.

Two servers pour up a sample of a California white from Paso Robles.

Wine poured from tents and people poured into Trump National for this event.


It was interesting to watch the progression of the people as the day unfolded. Most seemed to spend the first couple of hours in the wine section before filtering down to the beer area. By mid-afternoon, the line for the Belgian beers of Leffe, Stella and Hoegaarden was consistently 10 people deep, and the distinctive orange Shock Top VW bug with the mohawk on the roof was a magnet for groups posing for photos.

When the event was over, there were as many smiles as empty wine glasses and a few people hit the equivalent of the 19th hole, the bar in the Trump National clubhouse.

Put it down for next August – will publish the dates when announced – because this is one “must attend” event in the South Bay.

These girls like to tap into the offerings from Shock Top beer.

From the edge of the Palos Verdes cliff, these girls pose for a photo with their wine glasses.

This raffle winner walks off with a free golf bag (and she does golf!).

A wine & beer festival patron receives a free lesson from the Trump golf pro.

Sitting with this scenery and a glass of wine or beer make it easy to understand the event's popularity.

The crowd at the 2011 Trump Beer & Wine Festival soaks in the scene.

The girl on the left proved to that she really knows her beer!

Girls come out and look their best at the Trump Wine & Beer Festival.

The Bar Blogger enjoys a Stella Artois in the festival's beer section.

Displaying his diversity, the Bar Blogger gets a Cab from Paso Robles, CA.

A band provided live music at the 2001 Trump Wine & Beer Festival.

People got to take a swing at golf lessons; perhaps they will take on the Trump course next.

With this kind of service pouring wine, it's easy to have a good time.

The girls give out a big "cheers" by the Shock Top beer VW bug.

These girls loved hamming it up for the PubClub camera by the Shock Top car.

The great atmosphere brought out the best in the good-looking crowd.


If there was a 'Best Dress" award, the Bar Blogger feels this girl would have won it.

Trump National Wine & Beer Festival Review