Manhattan Beach 2011 6-Man Party Scene Report Images Alcohol Crackdown

The Annual Volleyball Tournament and Beach Bash Has Security, Crowds, Too Many Barricades, House Parties, and Hulk Hogan

The 6-man crowd, as seen from the Manhattan Beach Pier, doesn't appear to be any smaller than in past years.


I saw Hulk Hogan.

Well, he’s not really Hulk Hogan. His name is Tall Paul,” and he dresses up like Hulk Hogan (looking remarkably like the wresting star), each year for Manhattan Beach, CA’s annual zany beach volleyball tournament.

Some things at 6-man never change.

But other things do change, and one of those is security. Manhattan Beach city leaders and police treated this event as if the President were coming to town. They put up more barricades than did Hollywood for Lady Gaga’s performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show earlier in the week.

On the beach, security is searching backpacks (quite throughly, it must be pointed out) and entrance points are on the Pier, to the side of the Pier, at 9th Street and a ridiculous one starting at 12th Street that practically requires one to wade into the Pacific Ocean before circling back to the courts.

All this in a $100,000 effort to to stop people from drinking on the beach. (Drinking at house parties, well that’s another thing entirely.) But that’s the way it is now in this “alcohol crackdown” society that hit 6-man last year.

People on the beach for 6-man looking from the Strand to the Manhattan Beach Pier.

A house party on 9th Street in Manhattan Beach rocks for 6-man.

Girls action in costume for the 6-man.

A member of the Lakers spikes against the undermanned Tropic Thunder team.

The beach crowd for the Manhattan Beach 6-man volleyball tournament..

Luke Walton of the Los Angeles Lakers goes up for a spike during 6-man. He missed this one, hititng the ball into the net.

A look at the people on the beach from the Manhattan Beach Pier for 6-man.

No alcohol here! Security searches a backpack for the Manhattan Beach 6-man.

When things reached their peak on Saturday afternoon, there did not not seem to be any less people on the beach than in recent years. The big difference was that the logjam that usually occurred by the tents on the ocean side did not exist because the people were not stopping to party at those tents. They would pause to check out a game, some costumes, chat with friend or hit on a guy or a girl. After a few minutes, they moved onto something – or someone – else.

The scene was something of a county fair – there’s a couple of vendors set up at the Pier and one is grilling food  – but with a decidedly different feel. That’s evident when someone dressed as a bull can be seen standing at the Pier. He’s the mascot for the Matador team, the theme being Spain’s Running of the Bulls.

And around the Pier – and all around downtown, really – house parties broke out like leaks springing in a boat. There’s one here. Oh, and one there. And another one over there! It’s proof that if you take the party away from the people on the beach, they will just take the party elsewhere.

But, let this be said, the Manhattan Beach Police let it happen. And that kept things in check. There were people in the street for blocks, and it was cool! It was like a European block party, a bit crazy but also under control. Aside from a staggering sould here and there, the people were well behaved and respectful of the event and the city. Of course they are, the all live in the South Bay and just want to have a good time at a good event.

For even more on 6-man, visit the 6-man page, come back to this blog, on the Facebook page and the Twitter account (@pubclub).

On a side note, the Strand House bar/restaurant (formerly Beaches) is not yet open.

What's 6-man without a hot girls team wearing bikinis!?

What's 6-man without hot girls in bikinis watching while sitting on the beach!?

The Matadors in their Running With the Bulls costumes, in action at 6-man.

The Scottish Kilts celebrate winning a point at Manhattan Beach 6-man.

The players – and a few alcohol-free fans – in Manhattan Beach for 2011 6-man.

Spectators line the Manhattan Beach Pier to take in 6-man 2011.

SUNDAY ACTION PHOTOS & CROWD SCENE has said for years that the true essence of the 6-man is the great volleyball skill. And that is most evident on Sunday. In the afternoon, when matches reach the quarterfinals, crowds gather on the Strand, Pier and the courts to watch these incredible athletes do what they do best – blast the ball on spikes, rise up with amazing vertical leaps to block spikes and make jaw-dropping digs.

On Sunday, a new winner emerged, a team of collegiate players put together by Simmzy’s. UC Santa Barbara and UC-Irvine, two top national programs (UCSB knocked out USC in the NCAA tournament and the Trojans had been #1 the entire year) stocked the roster and they defeated Team Mangum p.i., 15-9 in an action-packed final.

People sit right on the sand to see hot 6-man action on Sunday in Manhattan Beach.

The incredible skill of the 6-man athletes and teams is most evident on Sunday.

Two blockers try and stop a spike during Team Magnum's 6-man quarterfinal win.

Team Simmzy's, comprised of talented college players, celebrates its 2011 6-man win.

Team Magnum joins with Simmzy's in Sweet Caroline before the 6-man finals.

Sunday for 6-man is old-school volleyball where peole sit on the sand for matches.

As seen from the Strand, people crowd around the courts for great 6-man Sunday action.


This long set of barricades goes from 12th Street to the ocean as a 6-man public access point.

Barricades all but block the bike path at the Pier for Manhattan Beach 6-man

Sponsor flags fly at the Pier for the Manhattan Beach 6-man.

This looks like a ride at Disneyland, not getting onto the beach for 6-man

By the way, on a side note it appears as if the Strand House, formerly Beaches, will be open this weekend. Workers are feverishly trying to get it ready by Saturday.

A look at the barricades lining the beach for the 2011 6-man.

This 6-man public access is on 9th Street in Manhattan Beach.

Barricades from 9th Street looking toward the Pier for 6-man 2011.

This northern entrance to 6-man practically requires wading into the Pacific Ocean.

Calm before the storm: A look at the Manhattan Beach Pier as it prepares for 6-man 2011.

They are giving away Slurpees on the Pier, but it's doubtful this truck will be dispensing Bud Light Lime (have to go to Shellback's for that, of course).

The players-only entrance to the courts for the 2011 6-man.

The Manhattan Beach Pier is a near-fortress for 6-man will all these barricades.

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