Beverly Hills Car Show Greystone Mansion Councours ‘dElegance Images & Review

Greystone Mansion Hosts Spectacular Event With Classic Cars, Food and Plenty of Stella Beer

With Stella in hand, a car buff checks out a classic American automobile.

It’s a concours. And it’s definitely d’ elegance.

It’s held at a mansion in Beverly Hills, there are classic cars in immaculate condition dating back to the 1920s and the accompanying adult refreshments include Stella Artois, “served in souvenir glasses,” the PA annoucner boasts. “No plastic cups here.”

It’s the Greystone Councors ‘dElegance, an annual event hosted at Greystone, a multi-tiered mansion with gardens, elegant walkways and, on this day, more than a 100 classic cars and motorcycles divided into groups such as “PreWar European,” Touring Car” and Post-War American.”

There are sports cars from several eras that are the envy or anyone who wants to put the top down and hit the open road (and especially those who love to roll to the race track).

And there are some current-day gems, as well. McLaren, which is opening a dealership in Beverly Hills, brought out some of its modern machines in 2010.

The Greystone Concours d’Elegance is also very manageable, meaning there are not too many cars to take in during the day. Its relatively small number helps leaves guests who paid $100 for a ticket with plenty of time to closely examine each vehicle. This creates a classy and casual pace as people combine seeing the cars with strolling through the spectacular grounds. There are two Stella pouring stations, one in a garden area ideal for relaxing, and there are also two food stations (sandwiches, salads and grilled brats, plus mac ‘n cheese), as well as wine and even margaritas.

The 2010 event, the second annual one, was held on gorgeous sunny Sunday on May 1.

The classic cars divided into specific groups for easy viewing (and admiring).

Greystone Mansion, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, was once a private mansion and it is now owned by the City of Beverly Hills, It is used for public events such as the Concours, private events such as weddings and corporate functions. The Concours is held in conjunction with the non-profit Friends of Greystone with a portion of all proceeds going toward the ongoing preservation of the Estate.

Among the adult beverages is Stella Artois served in souvenir glasses.

The Concours event runs from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Parking is in lots in Beverly Hills with free shuttle service, and there is also limited street parking near the mansion. Tickets, as previously mentioned, are $100. The event’s official website is here.

Images of the cars, people and the grounds Concours dElegance.